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Caldera OpenLinux Workstation 3.1


Mike Angelo rates Caldera OpenLinux Workstation 3.1 "one of the best" Linux distributions "for a comfortable out-of-the-box Linux-based computer system"
Don't let the label workstation fool you. Sure, Caldera OpenLinux Workstation 3.1 has plenty of tools and power for heavy-duty software, network, and Internet development including SUN Microsystems Forte Community Edition, Borland JBuilder Foundation, Java 1.3 SDK (J2SE), C , C ++, Java (JSP & EJB), Python, PERL, PHP, and lots more.

But OpenLinux Workstation 3.1 also is an excellent Linux desktop operating system (OS) for individual, consumer, small office, home, and family computer fun and productivity.
 read more | mail this link | score:6331 | -Anonymous, July 28, 2001 (Updated: September 13, 2003)
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