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New Linux Distro: Ultumix v0.0.0.4


Ultumix aims to be the ultimate mix of the packages the user wants and needs from different distros as well as adding support for both debain and RPM packages. I have not succeeded in doing this yet and would like input. Version has a Vista like interface (taken from Vixta) and all the programs you normally use in Windows are right there on the desktop for easy access.

One of the major complaints from Windows users is that you can't find stuff in the Linux start menu. I renamed the programs on the desktop. For instance KolourPaint is now called Paint, Writer is called Word Processor, and Amarok is called Music Player.

Wine-Doors is installed. You can see the rest in the screenshots at I caution you against installing all the Windows components in it though because after using them Wine does not allow you to open directories. Wine becomes almost useless after installing all the components of Wine-Doors in some cases. I would like to isolate the package in Wine-Doors that causes this. Ultumix is a remaster of PCLinuxOS and is not considered by some to be it's own distro yet.

I also need people to help come up with better artwork for the distro. In Version The GRUB has an error finding a file. This needs to be addressed as well. The interface is easier to use for Windows users than Granular or PCLinuxOS from my point of view. Thanks. Please refer to the documentation on the web page for more info.
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