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Review: SliTaz Linux Live CD


This tiny Linux distro is also usable from small USB drives...
SliTaz is a new micro GNU/Linux live distribution designed to run from RAM (a recommended minimum of 128MB) and installable to a hard drive or USB device. The current version, SliTaz 1.0, weighs in at a light 24.8MB and provides a nice selection of applications that run on a lightweight desktop. You can store user data and settings on persistent media, and support for more than 400 additional download packages is available.

SliTaz stands for Simple Light Incredible Temporary Autonomous Zone; the T is capitalized to reflect that SliTaz is built with the Tazwok tool and has several other Taz-based applications.
 read more | mail this link | score:7293 | -Ray, July 13, 2008
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