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Einarc v1.3: RAID configuration tool


Most of hard-core Linux admins encountered hardware RAIDs and know what pain they could be to maintain and configure properly. Usually, you have to download some sort of proprietary CLI or GUI tool from vendor's website, learn it, try to understand its commands and, finally, use it to configure RAID or check its status.

Einarc is a solution for all this hassle: it's a universal storage RAID command line interface and an API that provides management for various hardware/software RAID devices. Einarc would autodetect hardware RAID on a server, would automatically downloaded required command-line tool and wrap it around in a convenient and easy to learn syntax. It works as a translator that makes it possible for an admin to control all these devices using simple terms like "physical disc", "logical disc", "adapter", etc., while transparently converting these requests to proprietary RAID paradigms.

For example, no matter what hardware RAID is used on a server, it's always easy to check state of its logical discs with Einarc. Just issue a "logical list" command and grep for "degraded" discs to see if there's a failure. Same thing goes for any event log reading/monitoring (log list), RAID array creation or modification (logical add), setting up various adapter options, etc.

Version 1.3 of Einarc came after massive half a year of work on it and sports the following features:

  • Support for 3ware / AMCC controllers.
  • Full read/write support of Linux software RAIDs.
  • Updated all proprietary utilities URLs, pumped up version numbers, fixed wrapper regular expressions to support new versions of CLIs.
  • Added new calculated fields in adapter_info: PCI product/subproduct and vendor/subvendor IDs. These allow precise identification of PCI devices related to adapters shown by Einarc.
  • Fuller BBU support for Adaptec adapters.
  • Multiple stability and build fixes.

As of version 1.3, the following RAIDs are supported:

  • Adaptec SCSI and SAS/SATA
  • AMCC/3ware
  • Areca
  • Fusion/MPT HBA
  • Linux software MD device (for sake of completeness)

Einarc v1.3 is a part of Inquisitor, a free Linux hardware stress testing and benchmarking platform, which uses Einarc extensively for HDD testing purposes.

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