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Cinecutie: Video editor / composer for Linux


After lot of time spent to learn the cinelerra code, I want to move an other step on the opensource contribute. I’m started from tangolerra project made by Franco Iacomella and after an hard job with svg I made my personal mochup of Cinelerra called Cutiehd. But when I started to work on the mochup of Cinelerra 2.1cv I tryed to enable again the support of font antialias (xft), write a draft of Utf-8 support, rewrite some parts of titler code and adapt the svg plugin from the Cinelerrasv by “Simeon Völkel”. I know that these features can generate instability, so I decided to make a new package with it’s name and icon called Cinecutie, that can be consider more as “mochup” than a real “fork”. In order to make possible the installation with cinelerra I had to rename not only name but also libraries and settings dir (from ~/.bcast to ~/.ccutie).
 read more | mail this link | score:7376 | -gg234, February 15, 2010
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