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Build DVDs with Bombono


Bombono is a DVD authoring tool focusing on simplicity...
DVD authoring can be a deceptively tricky business. Though it can take some time to convert source video to the proper MPEG format, the technical requirements for the various regions are standardized, so it is at least possible to configure the conversion tools and do it right, once and for all. What cannot be automated is building the disc structure that distinguishes a user-friendly disc with chapters, eye-pleasing menus, and a file hierarchy that makes sense from a down-and-dirty, technically-it-plays-but-it-looks-awful amateur job.

There are several actively-developed DVD authoring tools for Linux desktops and command-line environments today, including QDVDAuthor, DeVeDe, ManDVD, and DVDStyler. They vary quite a bit in ease-of-use and the number of disc-building options they support. We have covered several of these alternatives in the past.
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