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Ubuntu 11.04: Custom Kernel


Without knowing much about the support of Reiser4 filesystem in the kernel of Ubuntu 11.04, I stupidly went ahead and formatted a 2TB external hard drive with said filesystem from my Arch-based laptop. Then I happily put tons of data on it, since my laptop's hard drive had already failed several times. Imagine what: Very soon after, the same hard drive failed again.

I was really excited I had a backup of my data on an external hard drive and that time around I didn't lose a bit (yes, this has happened to me before). So the day came and I wanted to watch the fourth episode of Rozen Maiden (an epic Anime). But after plugging the drive into my Ubuntu box I discovered that it just wouldn't mount. I tried hard with Nautilus, pmount etc. but to no avail. At some point I looked at /proc/filesystems. What I saw in there didn't make me happy at all: Reiser4 was absent! There was also no such module in /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/fs, so by that time I thought I was dead in the water. A moment later -it really seemed like an eternity- I managed to pull myself together and immediately looked up for Reiser4 support in the Linux kernel. Soon I discovered that the mainline kernel needs a patch in order to support Reiser4, so do the majority of the Linux distributions out there.
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