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Generating static webpages with PHP


Another situation where you might want to generate static pages is if your website ever get slashdotted. That is, if one of your pages gets listed on a very popular website, potentially overloading your server. In that case, you might make a static version of your one very busy page and add a tiny bit of logic to your dynamic page so that it simply fetches the static page very rapidly rather than query databases and generate it over and over again.
Sometimes you may need to generate a static version of your dynamically-generated web pages. For instance, you might have to produce a web-cd, or you might want to offer on your website a compressed version of some content to be downloaded and read off-line. In some cases, you could need to show a work-in-progress of a web site you are developing to someone who doesn't have a connection to the Internet (yes, sometimes it happens). Or you might want to publish your web pages at an Internet site which doesn't offer you server-side programming (such as most of free hosting sites).
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