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Communication using sockets on Linux and Windows


The previous article in this series covered synchronization primitives and gave a reprise on pipes. This article takes a first look at communication using sockets. The author demonstrates some techniques for writing a sockets program and shows how his programming techniques perform in various operating system environments.
This month my focus is on data communication through sockets. Sockets are a programming interface developed by contributors at the University of California at Berkeley in the 1980s. Sockets represent a complete mechanism for establishing network connections between two end points potentially on different computers. The end points are created and bound to each other using the sockets APIs.
[Update June 26, 2005: Related: Librenix is now featuring a C language multithreaded network socket programming game server project for Linux called Space Tyrant. As of June 26, there have been four code releases and the game is already playable from telnet.]
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