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As 2011 draws to a close, GNU/Linux and Free Software are as prosperous and in-demand as they have ever been. 2011 was a magnificent year, one in which a lot of deals were made, a lot of profits were reaped, and a lot of freedom was spread. Free Software looks to have an even more rewarding year in 2012. Open source invaded the monetary system with the rise, fall, and subsequent rise of Bitcoins. Mozilla showed the tremendous resilience and innovation of its Firefox web browser, even as Google continued to revolutionize web browsing with Chrome. LibreOffice stole’s thunder, but the Apache Foundation vowed that you have neither seen nor heard the last of the first Free Software office suite. 2011 was full of open source intrigue and suspense. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall in Red Hat, Canonical, Suse, the Linux Foundation, the Free Software Foundation, and Google’s headquarters in 2011. Then, we might know what marvels are being developed for 2012. Instead, we will have to wait… patiently.
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