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Pondering Ubuntu 12.04 LTS


A year after Ubuntu’s Unity interface became the default shell in what you might term as many people’s Linux ‘gateway drug’, has the controversial interface been refined and improved to the point where you’ll be potentially willing to use it for the next five years? (This being a Long Term Support edition, and the lifetime of the desktop LTS edition having been brought into line with the server edition, this release of Ubuntu will be supported by updates until April 2017.)

After a couple of hours of experimentation with it, I’m happy to report that not only does the interface appears to be a lot more polished than when it was first unveiled, it actually dawned on me that the visual effects it uses are quite understated and beautiful. The cube and the wobbly windows have gone: but you have multiple workspaces at your disposal, and the transition from workspace to workspace looked so nice that I found myself moving between workspaces just to observe it. To borrow a phrase from the late Steve Jobs, it’s practically lickable.
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