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Review: tomsrtbt single floppy Linux distro


A copy of tomsrtbt on a floppy can be quite a handy thing to have around. I keep one on my desk at work.
Currently using Linux kernel 2.0.36, Tom's manages to cram some 200 modules and utilities onto a single floppy. These range from the programs needed to mount and format disks, to support for some PCMCIA devices. There are even pint-sized versions of vi and EMACS, so that almost no one's editor religion will be offended.

No, there's no GUI. But what do you want in a mere 1.722 megabytes? That's right -- Tom's manages to cram an extra 20% of data onto a standard floppy drive. Unbeknownst to most users, most standard 1.44 floppy drives can support floppies written in a 1.722 MB format. There's a chance that your machine might have trouble reading the diskette, but I have only had that happen once in the past few years.
 read more | mail this link | score:7836 | -Ray, December 22, 2001 (Updated: June 7, 2003)
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