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TinFoil Hat Linux 2.0 pre-release now available


My favorite mini Linux Distribution for the Truely Paranoid.
It started as a secure, single floppy, bootable Linux distribution for storing PGP keys and then encrypting, signing and wiping files. At some point it became an exercise in over-engineering.

Tinfoil hat is useful if:
  • You're using a computer that could have a keystroke logger installed.
  • You need to use your personal GPG keys at work, school or a web hosting facility where you don't trust or own the equipment.
  • If you maintain a PGP Certificate Authority or signing key and have to have a safe place to use the CA key.
  • If you simply don't want to risk putting a PGP key on a hard drive where someone else might have access to it.
  • The Illuminati are watching your computer, and you need to use morse code to blink out your PGP messages on the numlock key.
 read more | mail this link | score:7502 | -Ray, August 18, 2003
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