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Setting up a Serial Printer under Linux


The 'read more' link, below, leads to the serial printers section of the Linux Printing HOWTO.
Lpd provides five attributes which you can set in /etc/printcap to control all the settings of the serial port a printer is on. Read the printcap man page and note the meanings of br#, fc#, xc#, fs# and xs#. The last four of these attributes are bitmaps indicating the settings for use the port. The br# atrribute is simply the baud rate, ie `br#9600'.

It is very easy to translate from stty settings to printcap flag settings. If you need to, see the man page for stty now.

Use stty to set up the printer port so that you can cat a file to it and have it print correctly. Here's what `stty -a' looks like for my printer port:
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