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Librenix Sitemap

Librenix is divided into seven sections which are represented by the Librenix logo and the rightmost six options on the menu bar at the top of each page. Above the topic-specific sections is the Librenix logo, pointing to the home page:
  • Librenix: All articles in all channels are listed here by score from highest to lowest in the left column. At the bottom of the column is a next page link for the next page of entries. You can always tell which channel you are in by looking for the red link on the menu bar. [Note that while all articles appear in this main series of pages, each article will appear in only one of the following six topic-specific channels, following 'Headlines'.]

To the left of the channel menu options is a link to our headline pages:
  • Headlines:The headlines links are context-sensitive. If you're on a page in the BSD channel clicking 'headlines' will take you to the BSD headlines page, etc. If you're not on a topic-specific page, you will instead get the top headlines from all channels.

Following the Headlines link are the six topic channels:
  • Linux: This link takes you to a page that works exactly like the aforementioned Root page, but displays only articles in the Linux channel. These articles are mostly on the topics of Linux distribution reviews, kernel information, and other articles that are very specific to Linux.
  • Apps: Software, applications, and utilities information, introductions, tutorials, and reviews are in this channel.
  • Coding: Programming, development, and scripting articles appear in this channel. Some development tools and other items of interest only to programmers may be placed in this channel as well.
  • BSD: Articles specific to FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, and Mac OS X appear here.
  • Admin: System administration and security related articles are in this channel.
  • News: News and articles of short-term interest concerning Linux, BSD, apps, coding, and system administration appear in this channel. Note that old articles in other channels which lose their relevance may be moved to the news channel.

There is also a shortcut to all of the local feature articles at the bottom of the right column:
  • Features: This link takes you to all of our feature articles from the newest to the oldest, four articles to a page.
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