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While anyone can submit an article or a news item here, it may or may not be moved to the front page, depending on its topic, timeliness, and quality. Simply log in and then click the post URL that appears on the upper left of each page to post a submission. The system is currently configured to disallow anonymous posts but, even if that changes, there are advantages to creating an account to post from.
  • You can edit your articles even after they are posted.
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  • Your articles start out with a higher score than when posted anonymously.
  • You accumulate 'karma' as your articles receive positive votes, enabling you to post other articles with higher initial scores.
  • You accumulate voting points based on your karma which you can use to vote for -- or against -- other articles.
  • You can use the [find] box to search for your name or pseudonym to find all articles that you have posted here.
Other readers -- and not the poster -- are actually responsible for rating each article. If an article is misleading, contains 'adult' or illegal content, or the subject simply isn't interesting to our readers, it will be voted down, not up. However, if you have an idea that fits one of our categories, please submit an article.

Our categories are mostly self-explanatory. 'news' is the place for all topics that are of current and short term interest. Original articles and web resources of lasting value should be placed in one of the other five categories. When an article can reasonably fit in more than one category, please select the category that you think fits best. Don't be too concerned if you're not sure. In some cases the editor may move an article to a different category.

Once an article has been submitted, you can view its status by clicking the [queue] URL. Note that this URL is only available if you're logged in. It is from the [queue] bin that articles are voted onto the front page.

When you post here, you retain full rights and ownership to your writing. If you log in to post, you can later modify, update, or even delete part or all of an article -- at your convenience. (Note that the editor reserves the right to edit and make corrections to all submissions.)

This system doesn't display the email addresses of logged-in posters. Some degree of anonymity can therefore be controlled by the poster. You can use your real name here or a pseudonym and be known only by that name. Or, you can attach a bio block to your postings and include your email address and your web page -- or any combination. Advantages of this method are that you can use different email addresses for articles on different topics and you can go back and change anything (except your posting name) at any time simply by editing an article.
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