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HOWTO: Building a Custom 2.6 kernel for Debian


A nice tutorial on building a custom kernel 2.6 the new Debian user.
It's always a good idea to recompile your kernel as most linux distro's come with kernels that need to be installed on a wide variety of system configurations and hardware scenarios so module support for many devices and hardware that you may not have or need are built in. Re-compiling the kernel will result in a smaller, faster kernel.

The 2.6 kernel is faster than previous kernels and has support for cd-dvd burning directly to atapi devices without the need for scsi emulation. After I compiled the 2.6 kernel I purchased a dvd-cdr burner combo and had no problem setting it up. Within minutes of opening the box I was burning dvd's with K3B and watching OutFoxed and The Truth Uncovered, it was way too easy.
 read more | mail this link | score:5918 | -Ray, August 2, 2002 (Updated: October 24, 2004)
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