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Networking With Red Hat 8.0


Another look at Red Hat 8.0.
Red Hat 8 is aimed at the desktop, though like any Linux distribution, it is endlessly adaptable: server, workstation, firewall, router.... A lot of work went into polish and usability in this edition. Even so, there are still too many redundant menu items. And the default desktop is a bit odd- text editors and terminals are buried deep in the system menus. I don't care how desktoppy a user is, those are basic Linux tools, and should be front and center. Under the hood, many basic components have been significantly upgraded: Apache 2.0, gcc 3.2, Gnome 2, gphoto 2.1.0, and KDE 3.0.3.
 read more | mail this link | score:5251 | -Ray, October 15, 2002
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