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Review: Knoppix gives bootable, one-disk Linux


If you've ever needed a functional Linux setup that is portable and runs the same way on any hardware, read on. Knoppix packages a specialized and highly useful Linux distribution on a single, bootable CD-ROM. Whether you're packaging up demo programs or need a consistent hardware test environment that fits in your pocket, Knoppix is a small distribution that solves big problems.
Knoppix is a bootable CD. Although it's certainly not unique in that, the organization and content of a Knoppix CD are distinctive. Consider a few scenarios. Suppose you're an instructor. You meet your students in a training room, with only half an hour to check out all the hardware and prepare configurations for them. The result is inevitable: halfway through class, some of your demonstrations won't work, because at least a few of the student machines will have inconsistent Service Pack installations, or hardware that's never been exercised, or an environment customized by a subtle neurotic.
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