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Distribution review: Lindows 3.0


OSNews takes a look at the latest version of LindowsOS.
LindowsOS' bigest competitor in this "home PC appliance" niche market is Lycoris. Between LindowsOS and Lycoris, I might have to pick Lycoris at this point. I don't feel that LindowsOS has the appropriate "depth" yet. LindowsOS is only "saved" by the fact that their installation procedure is much more simple and that CnR is much more direct and approachable than the (false in my opinion) Lycoris direction of including less than 80 application in their (almost free) CnR-alike web application named IRIS but then selling many different package add-ons for Lycoris with more applications (with no Gnome apps at all to be found in these Packs). If Lycoris was to enrich IRIS with many quality (and Gnome) apps for a price around $50 per year, I see absolutely no reason for a future on Lindows...
 read more | mail this link | score:6972 | -Ray, March 5, 2003 (Updated: June 14, 2003)
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