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The UNIX-HATERS Handbook free pdf


For those of you looking for disorganized and incoherent justification for hating Unix, you can now download the 3.5MB pdf version of The UNIX-HATERS Handbook for free. Following is an excerpt from Dennis Ritchie's Anti-Foreword to the book.
Your sense of the possible is in no sense pure: sometimes you want the same thing you have, but wish you had done it yourselves; other times you want something different, but can't seem to get people to use it; sometimes one wonders why you just don't shut up and tell people to buy a PC with Windows or a Mac. no Gulag or lice, just a future whose intellectual tone and interaction style is set by Sonic the Hedgehog. You claim to seek progress, but you succeed mainly in whining.
 read more | mail this link | score:7633 | -Ray, April 27, 2003 (Updated: January 19, 2004)
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