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Security Tutorial: Tripwire: Introduction and use


Use Tripwire so that you will be able to tell if your system becomes compromised or even innocently corrupted.
Tripwire is an Open Source program created to monitor changes in a key subset of files identified by you, and report on any changes in any of those files. When changes are detected, you, as the sysadmin, can determine whether those changes occurred due to normal, permitted activity, or whether they where caused by a breakin. If the former, you can update the system baseline to the new files. If the latter, you can shut down and begin repair and forensic activities.

Tripwire's principle is simple enough. The sysadmin identifies key files and causes Tripwire to record checksums for those files. He also puts in place a cron job to scan those files at intervals (daily or more frequently), comparing to the original checksum. Any changes, additions or deletions are reported, so the proper action can be taken.
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