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Review: Libranet Linux 2.8 changes from 2.7


Another fan of Libranet checks in.
How Libranet evolves is itself evolutionary. Libranet 2.7, the predecessor, had a small beta group. For Libranet 2.8, about 80 users with skills ranging from beginner to guru were brought in. The beta testers talked to one another and the developers on a special mail-list. Every issue raised was discussed and resolved in an open forum that included all of the beta testers. While some of the beta testers posted problems that experienced Linux users might dismiss as sophomoric, they did identify a number of potential pitfalls a first-time Linux user could encounter. For example, a simple change to a configuration dialog box reduces the likelihood of selecting the wrong CD drive as the Libranet package installer's default. For all of these bugs and issues, beta testers could communicate directly with the programmers and watch the changes and development take place as a team.

Libranet 2.8 is the result. It is built on Linux kernel 2.4.20, XFree86 4.3, KDE 3.1.1 and GNOME 2.2.1, along with IceWM, Fluxbox and Xfce.
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