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Hacker Haiku


They said it couldn't be done;
that hacker experiences couldn't be expressed in haiku.
Or, perhaps they said it shouldn't be done?

Too late. Here are my top ten Hacker Haikus:

  • The Hacker
    Don't fear the hacker
    he just enjoys the challenge
    ...of cleaning your disk!
  • Gates' Law
    Great chips run high speeds
    but bloatware slows to crawl
    heat is main output
  • The Script Kiddie
    My server was hacked
    SSH had a hole
    now my box is 0wned
  • Turbo Mode
    Overclock your box
    it is very fast ... at first
    warranty now void
  • The Ghost Ship Bug
    The bug seemed so small
    Game database was trashed
    I must start new game
  • Email Dilemma
    Mail is killer app
    spam overflows my quota
    I need new mailbox
  • Code Red II
    My website was so grand
    until the day it changed
    to an odd demand
  • The Email Virus
    Don't open that file!
    it has a strange subject line...
    you mail all your friends
  • The Buggy OS
    My box crashed again
    the registry was corrupt
    Slackware brought it up
  • The IT Shuffle
    One group gets upgrade
    next group can't read their files
    Now they upgrade too
mail this link | score:8820 | -Ray, June 2, 2003 (Updated: June 3, 2003)
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