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Book review: Linux Clustering


We normally ignore books at thoroughly panned as this one, but since it is aimed squarely at a subset of the Librenix readership, we offer this highly negative review up as a warning.

However, with only the collection of FAQ and HOWTO-style information to recommend it, to have those bound into a handy hardcopy just might be worth the price of admission. That is, if your assignment is to build a Linux cluster, you might want to look at this book in spite of the reviewer's warnings.
Almost all technical books regurgitate the contents of freely available FAQs and HOWTOs to some degree, yet the good ones summarize the relevant points, make dry documentation more accessible, and give the reader some new insights. Because Bookman's Linux Clustering suffers from heinous spelling, grammar, and style errors; deals primarily with outdated software; contributes little new to the discussion; and doesn't speak to non-admins, I can only recommend that those interested in Linux clustering stick to online FAQs and HOWTOs.
 read more | mail this link | score:6713 | -Ray, June 21, 2003
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