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Enterprise Linux vs. Windows Server 2003


SuSE or Red Hat's Enterprise Linux distributions are compared with Microsoft's Windows Server 2003. It looks like Win2K3 is optimized for two very specific benchmarks instead of generalized enterprise use.
As for Web speed, Microsoft compared IIS 6, which uses the kernel-mode driver, http.sys, to achieve its outstanding speed, and Apache doesn't work at the kernel level. Of course, if you want to you can match IIS 6's speed with Red Hat's TUX Web server, which also runs close to the operating system's heart. But this speed comes at a cost: Running any end-user interactive program that close to the kernel is downright dangerous, no matter what operating system you're running. With Linux, you get to choose if you want speed over danger; with Server 2003 and IIS 6, like it or lump it, you're stuck with a very fast, very dangerous Web server.
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