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New Admin book: Automating UNIX and Linux Administration


I wanted to bring some attention to my new book that was just published. Since I'm not exactly impartial, I'll include comments from a recent review here:
...I'm already finding out things I didn't never realized about ssh, and the side commentary on different ways of using ssh within scripts to administer across multiple machines is just sublime.

The author looks way beyond just slapping together some scripts to automate routine tasks, and presents some professional and robust approaches for automation, covering single machine administration, multiple machine and cluster administration, push/pull approaches, automation script propagation, automation dependencies, automated error state identification and correction, installation configuration, automating backup and recovery, and security. (Lots of discussion on security throughout -- it's clearly written for the real world.) Throughout, the author demonstrates nuances to each of these problems that show real thoughtfulness and mastery and teaches how to approach these issues equally thoughtfully and professionally yourself, rather than just offering a cookbook of scripts on different topics.
 read more | mail this link | score:7002 | -Kirk Bauer, September 29, 2003 (Updated: September 30, 2003)
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