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Mono is not a threat


The recent article presents a limited view of the future in the case of Mono succeeding. Let me present an example on something we are more familiar with.

Linux is based on the Unix operating system, an OS originally developed by ATT, and through acquisitions is now part of SCO.

Now, if SCO decided to add new incompatible API calls to Unix, or new undocumented protocols, would that affect Linux?

The same thing happens with .NET; Sure, we are based on it today, but if they chose to deviate, and become incompatible, that is more a problem *they* have, not a problem we have.

The author assumes that we have no independent thought, and that we are not free to do other things (which we have in fact done) that are not based on the .NET Framework.
 read more | mail this link | score:6905 | -Miguel de Icaza, October 13, 2003 (Updated: November 15, 2003)
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