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Linbox and DemoLinux produce a Linux-based Network Computer.
When the computer boots up with the DemoLinux CD-ROM, the system is installed on the RAM only. This is because the Linux kernel features LFS, or Live File Systems. This technique, which is seldom applied, uses a compressed file system to expand the 650 Mb limit of the CD-ROM to more than 1 Gb of useable data.

Based on the Debian Potato distribution (version 2.2), DemoLinux 2.0 features the office environments Gnome and KDE, StarOffice by Sun Microsystems and several hundred applications. As a result DemoLinux is a high-performance office automation environment.

Adopting the same approach as DemoLinux, Linbox is adapting Network Computing for the IT industry. To do this, it has developed a turnkey LNA solution for business, which is based on a bootable CD-ROM that, in five minutes, automatically installs a server-centric network architecture.
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