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myServer: How to build up a personal web server


Almost every Linux distribution has a web server. Some users use it to create high-traffic web servers; others just use it to publish documents, or for PHP and CGI program development.

What if you want to create a personal web server in a few minutes, one that will support HTTP and HTTPS protocols, CGI, ISAPI, WinCGI, and Fastcgi? You could use myServer -- a fast, reliable, personal web server.


You need some addditional libraries to compile and install myServer:

  • openSSL
  • wxWindows
  • libxml2

You can download these libraries, or your distribution of Linux may already have them. You can download myServer at

Compiling and Configuring

To compile myServer under Linux just type 'make' in the root folder of myServer. The sources will be compiled and binaries stored in ./binaries folder. The web root directory is ./binaries/web.

Usually, no configuration will be needed (unless you want myServer to process PHP and Perl, and this only takes about 1 minute). The only thing you should make note of is that myServer may be run with user priveleges. You can use it on port 80, or any other port. To change what http port it will listen on (for example, port 8080), you will need to modify the ./virtualhosts.xml.


Just start it with user privileges to keep it more secure. You can start myServer using control tool (./binaries/control) or start myServer manually (./binaries/myserver startconsole). If you want to use port 80, you should start myServer with root privileges. It can be a security problem, but it's possible.

The web root directory is './binaries/web', so you can publish files you need for your site there. You can secure directories with basic HTTP authentication. This is explained in the myServer documentation.


MyServer is fast and reliable web server, which implements many standards and supports any protocol you need to build up your own personal web server. Of course, myServer may be used as a web server solution for sites with average or high traffic, because it is not limited to only personal purpose sites.

My machine runs myServer. I have DSL internet, and not a lot of resources to keep Apache running, which is why myServer is the best solution for my own Linux box.

mail this link | score:7604 | -Alexei Malev, February 12, 2004
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