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Interview: Inside the making of Scorched 3D


'Try to keep the project varied and get it out to the public quickly' is a lesson Gavin learned while developing this project. I've also found that getting a working version up quickly makes it possible to retain your motivation much longer.
Gavin Camp, a 26-year-old software engineer in Scotland, UK, took this simple duel game as the model for Scorched 3D, which is, as its title suggests, a remake of Scorched Earth punched up with 3D graphics. He also included the ability for up to two dozen people to play at once across a LAN or the Internet. Scorched 3D was originally developed under Windows, but the source code has since been modified so it runs on Linux and other platforms.

Camp recently talked to the O'Reilly Network about the requirements of translating the 2D gameplay of Scorched Earth into the 3D realm.
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