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Automounters: Amd vs. Autofs


This article will tell you why you need an automounter and help you choose between them....
The world of automounters is a confusing one. For one thing, a single automounter wasn't enough, so there are two of them for Linux, called 'amd' and 'autofs'. While it's easy to say 'well, just pick one and go on your way', many environments have demands that will require both, and both serve different purposes and have different strengths and weaknesses. The automounter world is not so cut and dry. In this article, I'll give a light overview of what amd and autofs look like, what their respective purposes are in life, and go over some of the common configuration options for each. Later, I'll spice things up by including use cases where one will work better than the other and more advanced features available to you as an administrator.
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