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Compile faster with ccache


Faster compilations without any new hardware...
What is ccache? According to the man page, it's a "caching pre-processor" for C/C++ compilers. It allows you to speed up compilation when you're doing multiple builds of a project. Where distcc allows you to distribute compilation across a number of machines, which is useful whether a package is built once or a hundred times, ccache becomes handy in situations where software is being compiled frequently.

For example, without using distcc or ccache to build distcc, make takes just over 12 seconds. The first run with ccache after running make clean also comes in at 12 seconds. After running make clean and running make again using ccache, the compile takes only 4 seconds.
 read more | mail this link | score:4259 | -Ray, March 10, 2004 (Updated: October 21, 2004)
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