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Review: Mandrake 10, an outstanding distro


A Linux distribution suitable for newcomers.
As a final testament to the draw and functionality of Mandrake Linux 10, I refer you to my wife. She, like many people in the world, only knew and used Windows (XP to be precise). She knew nothing of Linux outside of my obvious community involvement, but was willing to give it a try after she had Windows freeze on her for the last time. She was interested in trying Linux as long as it would not freeze on her all the time, produce endless popups and spam, and as long as she could do everything she could do in Windows. I thought about it for awhile and decided to give her a trial run on Mandrake 9.2.. and now up to version 10. I told her that if it wasn't to her liking that I would keep trying distros until we found one she that 'fit'. She never asked to change... she's been using Mandrake Linux ever since and enjoys it.
 read more | mail this link | score:7135 | -Ray, March 13, 2004 (Updated: March 25, 2007)
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