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Knoppix Linux 3.3: A Pleasant Surprise

No viruses, no worms, and (with Mozilla) no pop-ups. All in all, a nice change from Windows.
I plugged in my USB flash drive (Knoppix gets my preferences from there), my PCMCIA Wi-Fi card and booted. The moment I got KDE's attention I was online and surfing. The performance was absolutely amazing! It took Mozilla less than a second to display a .jpg file. All the while my friend is struggling with his Wi-Fi card on W2K (Cisco Aironet) curses on it and changes to a D-Link Wi-Fi card. His performance on W2K was at least 50 to 60% LESS than mine! I was surfing twice or three times the speed and the pages over the same Wi-Fi connection!. I was in absolute and complete Nirvana.
 read more | mail this link | score:0 | -Ray, May 13, 2004
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