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100 Best Linux Software Packages


Don't fear the Penguin. Just download a few of the top 100 popular Linux apps from this list and you're off to a good start.
1. Linux-Mandrake - Linux-Mandrake, one of the most popular Linux distributions, has made a name for itself in...
2. Linux Media Player - This is a media player for the Linux platform.
3. Red Hat - This is a truly great product by Red Hat, one of the leaders in the Linux community.
4. DivX Video - This is a DivX player, encoder and decoder utility.
5. SuSE - This Linux distribution comes with five CDs that contain all of the standard applications.
6. Wine - This is an open source implementation of the Windows API on top of X and UNIX.
7. CoffeeCup HTML Editor++ - Finally, CoffeeCup for Linux. This HTML editor features a simple and intuitive interface, easily customizable scripts and a variety of page templates
8. Doom - This is the Linux version of the classic 3D game of Doom.
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