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GoboLinux 011


GoboLinux came about a couple years ago but has just come into its prime with the 011 release. With its developer's innovative ideas of restructured directories and package management, it will surely be paving the way for a new era of the already incredible operating system.

Gobo developers were discontent with the directory structure provided by Linux; it resembled too much the server-style setup of Unix, while Linux is often a desktop operating system. Their new root directory is as follows: /Programs /System /Files /Depot /Users, as opposed to the traditional: /bin /boot /dev /etc /home /lib /mnt /proc /root /sbin /sys /tmp /usr /var. This new intuitive system is perhaps one of the revisions that will help Linux to be a better desktop operating system. The Gobo directory system works like this:

/Programs - Installed Packages
/System - System Files
/Files - Structured (non-system) Files
/Depot - Miscellaneous Files
/Users - User Home Directories

This new directory system also prompted the Gobo developers to write "Rootless Gobolinux." This enables any Linux user to install a miniature version of Gobolinux into their home directory. With this they can have more options as a user and also get a preview of a full install of the distribution. It has even been made to work on Apple's OSX!

Another poweful advancement brought forth by the Gobo distribution is their package management system, plainly named "Compile." Compile employs the standard base structure of any source package system such as Portage or Swaret, but without any of the bloat. Which is not to say that these are not nice systems, but Compile prides itself on simplicity. One of the major advantages of this minimalistic structure is the simplicity of the packages or "Recipes" as they are called. The standard Recipe file is just two lines in length! This puts anyone attemping to create a package at a tremendous advantage over users under another package management system, which is evident in that only six months after the Compile system was released as a beta, there were over 500 packages available.

The Gobo distribution has some great new ideas and implementations for Linux as a whole, and as a desktop operating system.

Check for more GoboLinux analysis and discussion!

[The project page is here. Click the [read more] link below for a larger project description and GoboLinux comments at -Ed]
 read more | mail this link | score:6892 | -MrApples, June 6, 2004
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