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Create your own Honeywall with a bootable CDROM


This is a bootable CDROM that attempts to make building a Honeywall gateway simpler. It automates the building and deploying of data control, data capture, and alerting. It does this by taking most of the tools combined below and puts them on a minimized Linux CDROM.

The Honeywall CDROM combines all the tools and requirements of a GenII honeynet gateway on a easy to use and secure CDROM. The intent is to make honeynets easier to deploy and customize. You simply boot off the CDROM, configure it based on your environment, and you should have a Honeywall gateway ready to go. The CDROM supports several configuration methods, including an interactive menu and .iso customization scripts. The CDROM is an appliance, based on a minimized and secured Linux OS.

A Honeynet is not a product, you don't simply install software from a CDROM and let it go from there. Honeynet is an architecture, a highly controlled network used to contain and analyze attackers in the wild. How you deploy that architecture is up to you.
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