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64-bit Desktop: SuSE vs. Fedora vs. Windows XP


The 64-bit versions of SuSE and Fedora are compared against both the 64-bit version of Windows XP and the 32-bit versions as well.
To get a well-rounded breakdown of where Linux is going, and where it trumps (or fails against) Windows, we took the two largest 64-bit Linux distributions, their 32-bit counterparts, and the Windows XP 64-bit public beta for a test drive. The way that we are running the benchmark is slightly unique; we do not recompile or optimize benchmarks per hardware platform. Our goal is to see which out-of-the-box operating system performs the best with as much support as possible.
[If you don't already have a 64-bit box, here's a shortcut to building a 64-bit system based on an Athlon 64 dual core processor or a cheaper single core chip.]
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