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StarOffice 5.2 Released


StarOffice is a free office productivity suite including the following features:
  • StarOffice Desktop is the control center of the program. It enables you to manage files and folders, open documents and projects, and access e-mail, newsgroups, and system resources.
  • StarOffice Writer is a universal word processing application
  • StarOffice Calc is a sophisticated application for performing advanced spreadsheet functions.
  • StarOffice Impress is a versatile graphics program
  • StarOffice Draw
  • StarOffice Image
  • StarOffice Schedule
  • StarOffice Mail and StarOffice Discussion
  • StarOffice Base is a powerful data management tool that enables you to generate reports and run queries
  • StarOffice Chart
  • StarOffice Math
  • StarOffice Fontwork and Form
  • StarOffice Gallery
  • StarOffice Player
  • StarOffice Address Book
  • StarOffice Basic Macros
Also, check out this Infoworld review of StarOffice.
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