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Review: FreeSBIE 1.1: FreeBSD Live CD


A live workstation CD based on FreeBSD...
System performance was phenomenal and the environment was customized by the FreeSBIE team to provide easy access to my most used applications such as Thunderbird, Firefox, Gaim and XChat. This was the most customized version of Fluxbox that I've ever seen including the drop down menus. Each sub-menu included a large choice of apps, rather than just including the most capable app in each category (which I find problematic, because only having what's capable can be very subjective). The submenus are loaded with GUI and console-based apps to give you a very functional desktop/workstation right out of the box.
 read more | mail this link | score:114 | -Ray, December 21, 2004 (Updated: August 13, 2005)
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