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Distribution Review: VidaLinux 1.1


Better, but still not perfect, says the reviewer...
The first major improvement to Vidalinux OS 1.1 is the revamped installer. It still uses Red Hat's Anaconda tool, but all of the stray references to Red Hat and Gentoo are gone, replaced by Vidalinux and their excellent logos and graphics. In the previous version we had some problems with VLOS's implementation of Anaconda, but it seems as though the developers have spent time and effort fixing most of the problems and bugs. There is now a package selection screen where you can deselect certain packages that you might not want, and you can create users and set passwords during the installation rather than after the system is up and running. On a fast system, total install time is about 20 minutes.
 read more | mail this link | score:6756 | -Ray, January 16, 2005
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