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Starship Traders Linux web game download page


[This version is finally obsolete. The new version is here.]

This page is for the server software for Starship Traders. For other Starship Traders info and files, such as the Linux graphical client, go to one of these pages:Starship Traders is a multiuser web-based strategy game that for years has run only at the SST home site, (now offline. -Ed). For a game overview, check out this player review on gameparloronline. For more information on Starship Traders, check out the SST Planet website or

If you have a PC running Linux with a permanent IP address and about 20 megabytes of free disk space, now you can run SST too. (Please note that Linux is required only to host a game; players can play from any operating system that has a copy of Netscape, Internet Explorer, or a telnet client. Other browsers may work, but probably not, YMMV...)

Right click here and select 'save...' to download the Linux binary package for Starship Traders. The package is only 270K bytes in size.

Then, follow the instructions on this page to install it. If something here is not clear, check the README instead.

To install the game follow these steps:
  • download the package, 'sst.tar', as described above
  • unpack the tarball: tar -xvf sst.tar
  • go to the software directory: cd sst-185
  • Start the installation script: ./
  • Answer a few questions. You'll be prompted for the following:
    • the directory where you wish to install the game
    • the user id and group id under which to install (nobody/nobody works fine)
    • the port numbers where the server should listen (80 is usually used for web servers but select a diffent port if you already have a web server installed, 2323 is suggested for telnet mode)
  • Next you'll be prompted for the root password so that the install script can update your /etc/services and /etc/inetd.conf files with the SST entries
  • Then you'll be asked to select a user name and a password for the Sysadmin account inside the game. Needless to say, don't forget these two items. They will be very useful later!
  • Next, you'll be asked how large your initial game000 should be, from 2000 to 1,000,000 sectors in size. Type 80000 and game000 will automatically be built as an 80,000-sector game.
  • If everything worked properly, you'll next be prompted to log into the game with the Sysadmin account.
Now you can fire up a web browser and point it toward your machine. You should be presented with a Starship Traders login form.

Slightly more elaborate instructions are available in the README file that is also included in the download package.

There is a CONFIGME file as well that includes a brief description of all the admin options for configuring games, tournaments, etc.

If you bring up a Starship Traders game, email me at the address below with the URL if you'd like it added to the list of games I'll be putting up here and at

If you only need to upgrade from version 1.6.9 or later, you can download the latest starocon and starinit by right clicking and selecting save..., then copy the files to the game directory, overlaying the old ones.

[7/30/2001] 1.6.9-1.7.8: 1.6.9+ departs from the file layout of earlier versions and is a major new release, the prototype for version 2.0. There is no upgrade path from an older version to this new version as many of the data file formats have changed. The new version supports up to 1,000,000 sector games (try this only on a Celeron 333 or better server with 192 megabytes or more of memory!).

Also, note that a 1,000,000-sector universe requires about 100 megabytes of disk space, in addition to the 5 megabytes overhead that each game requires. Similarly, a 256,000-sector universe requires about 25 megabytes of disk.

See also: the Graffiti Server download page. The Graffiti Server is a tiny web server that lets users post messages. It is distributed in both Linux binary and source code form under the GNU Public License.
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