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Review: My workstation OS: PCLinuxOS P8


The case for PCLinuxOS, based on PCLinuxOS Preview 8...
I found the GNOME desktop more appealing than KDE until I found Mandrakelinux 10. Mandrake looked good to me, from its fonts to its slide bars. On the functional side, it had some wonderful system administration tools, graphical and centralized. But for some reason Mandrake 10 didn't find my home wireless network. That led me to search for alternatives. I discovered PCLinuxOS, a free LiveCD distribution originally based on Mandrake.

Recently a significant new release came out: PCLinuxOS Preview 8, or P8 for short. PCLinuxOS looks like Mandrake, with the same great tools. So what distinguishes P8 from Mandrake 10.x?
 read more | mail this link | score:2179 | -Ray, March 26, 2005
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