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Simple PVR with KnoppMyth


Another approach to the Linux PVR...
Personal video recorders free you from the constraints of TV schedules, let you skip advertising, pause live TV, and much more. You can find commercial PVR products, such as Windows Media Centre Edition; dedicated devices, such as TiVo; and open source PVR projects, such as MythTV, which is widely hailed as the best free PVR solution, with features that even commercial competitors lack. MythTV's downside is its complex setup; you need to install a Linux distro, then MythTV, which can be a daunting prospect for non-technical users. In 2003, developers combined MythTV with the Knoppix live CD distribution, which aims at simplifying Linux installations, to create KnoppMyth, a product that's as easy to use as Knoppix, with the power of MythTV.
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