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Review: Mandriva 10.2 Limited Edition


I ran Mandrake 8.1 for quite a long time. No Mandrake before or after 8.1 really won me over, but 8.1 was a wonderfully polished distro for its day.
When I used Mandrake years ago, I was frustrated by what many people called "RPM Hell"; the problem of library compatibilities when installing new programs via ".rpm" files. Back then, if you tried to install a new program, you had to know which libraries to download and install with it, and where to put them. Sometimes there would be conflicts with other library files and versions. It could get quite complicated to install new programs and get them to work properly.

Things have changed a lot from those days. Now there are programs like Mandrake's "Urpmi", which is Mandrake's tool for dealing with collections of rpm files. It is a wrapper program for "rpm" that makes installs easier for the user
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