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CheckInstall: A manageable package manager


CheckInstall is a tool whose time has come.
You're going to have to install from source code using ./configure, make, and make install, and the app will live outside the confines of your package manager. Such apps -- installed outside the normal package management -- become difficult to remove. Why? Because there just isn't any easy way to know exactly what has to go, and that's exactly what inspired Felipe Eduardo Sánchez Díaz Durán to write CheckInstall.

The magic in CheckInstall is that it learns everything your new app or package will add to your system, and then creates a binary installable package geared to the package manager you use, whether that be Slackware, RPM, or Debian. Optionally, it will also install the newly created package.
 read more | mail this link | score:5987 | -Ray, October 11, 2005
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