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GRML Linux on the Desktop


Not well known, but possibly underrated...
Think of GRML as desktop-agnostic Debian with Knoppix-style hardware detection. GRML uses the latest Linux kernel. GRML doesn't violate Debian standards the way Knoppix and Ubuntu do, and compared to Knoppix, it has a less extreme focus on the CD format. Knoppix is hard-wired for CD and tricky to configure on much else. GRML supports many Knoppix cheatcodes, but boots from any device that your BIOS supports (and soon all the rest via chainboot). A nice script called grml2hd does hard drive installation. It creates a standard Debian Linux system with hardware autodetection.
 read more | mail this link | score:3908 | -Ray, March 8, 2006
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