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Digipup: A ham radio Live Linux CD


Puppy Linux has a new pup...
Puppy Linux is a lightweight live Linux distribution that you can boot and run from a CD, USB stick, or DVD. One of its features is the ability to create specialized "pups" -- new versions of Puppy Linux geared toward a specific purpose. Digipup is one such example, with a focus on amateur radio. I spun it up, and found Digipup to be a great way to check out amateur radio utilities for Linux.
permapage | score:9103 | -Ray, May 6, 2007

Pianobar: Console radio client


pianobar is a console client for the personalized web radio pandora.

- play and manage (create, add more music, delete, rename, Ö) your stations
- rate played songs and let pandora explain why they have been selected
- show upcoming songs/song history
- configure keybindings
- scrobbling support (external application)
- proxy support for listeners outside the USA
permapage | score:8659 | -gg234, April 18, 2011

Tutorial: Run a Webradio Station with Icecast2 And Ices2


This tutorial describes how to set up an audio streaming server with Icecast2. In order that Icecast2 can stream audio to listeners we install Ices2. Ices2 is a program that sends audio data to an Icecast2 server to broadcast to clients. Ices2 can either read audio data from disk (Ogg Vorbis files), or sample live audio from a sound card and encode it on the fly. In this article we will let Ices2 read .ogg files from the local hard disk. read more...
permapage | score:8637 | -falko, February 19, 2007

Internet Radio in no-GUI Linux


You can even control your Linux Internet radio receiver with cron...
Iím going to show you what to do to have the Internet streams heard on your computer without swallowing up your precious resources. You will make use of the famous Mplayer console player, OGG encoder, Aumix mixer, excellent Xdialog widgets, and less known Shstream stream grabber. A few simple scripts to glue the whole shebang together you could write on our own, but I did the dirty work for you.
permapage | score:8205 | -Ray, September 19, 2007

Get Shoutcast internet radio in Ubuntu 10.04


I love Shoutcast. It is an online collection of hundreds of internet radio stations that offer just about every style of music you can think of. It makes ordinary radio seem bland by compassion. Shoutcast is tightly integrated into Winamp, which is a popular, but Windows only, media player. This doesn't mean that Ubuntu users are left out in the cold though. Lets take a look at several ways Ubuntu can tap into Shoutcast radio stations. read more...
permapage | score:8120 | -mcasperson, June 25, 2010

Set up your own Linux Internet Radio Station


So you want to be a DJ? Check out the PenguinRadio. It isn't exactly free but it will be a pretty cheap way to set up a radio station -- if it ever sees the light of day. Meanwhile, while you're waiting, you can listen to some tunes.
The PenguinRadio is a stand-alone Internet appliance designed to free music from your PC. It is simplicity and ease of use, partnered with a worldwide reach of Internet radio and diversity of MP3, all operating in one system powered by LINUX.
mail this link | permapage | score:7680 | -Ray, December 28, 2000 (Updated: June 14, 2003)

Streamtuner: Radio on your Linux box


Listen to -- and record -- music on your Linux system with Streamtuner.
Streamtuner lets you automatically download listings for various listing services (e.g., SHOUTcast, Xiph/ from which you can sort by genre, quality of stream, what is currently playing (although this requires frequent reloads of the list), and more. The interface (Figure 1), built on GTK2, is clean and easy to navigate. Tabs along the top let you select from the various stream directories ó one for icecast, one for SHOUTcast, and so on.
mail this link | permapage | score:7505 | -Ray, July 21, 2005

Streamtuner: Net Radio Audiophile Linux Solution


Good information and good screenshots about Streamtuner...
One of the nice new packages that I found available for Fedora Core 1 is Streamtuner, and excellent tool for locating streaming audio stations from the web in a simple and elegant application.Streamtuner is definitely a diamond in the free software world. I am an audiophile (meaning I like to listen to music and enjoy it for the art of the music, not the appearance of the performer) and I would definitely recommend this application to anyone that wants to find music that suits their particular taste.
mail this link | permapage | score:7457 | -Ray, April 23, 2004 (Updated: March 25, 2007)

Listen to Sirius online radio with Linux


Or, if you prefer OS X, that's an option too...
The only problem remaining was reception. My co-worker sat next to a window and was having reception problems despite Sirius having a land based repeater in our market. Iím located closer to the center of the building so using a satellite radio probably wasnít going to work. So I waited. Sirius offered online streaming but it was only a 32k stream. Not going to work for me.

Finally, Sirius started offering near CD quality streams but, only offered a Windows based player in a browser. I love my tunes but, not enough to switch back to Windows. So the hunt was on to find a way to stream Sirius online to Linux or OSX.
mail this link | permapage | score:7258 | -Ray, March 20, 2008

Have Your PC Listen to the Radio For You


If your computer is going to be turned on anyway, you'll even save a (tiny) bit on electricity.
...use a computer to control both radio and tape deck, setting times and channel tunings through it. The ideal way to have this work would be to have a single device with a radio, a computer, and a tape deck all tied together inside, along with a clean, simple interface to control them all. In the real world, there's probably not enough crazed radio listeners to justify designing and manufacturing such a thing. But it's still possible to hook all these things together. With Linux, an old PC, and a PC radio card, you can build a device to hang off your home network which will be simple to operate and let you listen to some Really Cool Stuff for less than $150.
mail this link | permapage | score:4451 | -Ray, February 16, 2001 (Updated: July 30, 2003)
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